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Darrkin Skies:
For those of you registering or requesting Registration.

While I attempt to allow everyone that wishes access to the forums as possible,  I do try and keep the "spammer" IP address away from this forum. In doing so I often will reject emails due to "very odd" email addresses, Bad Ip addresses, Bad Hosts.

If you are requesting access I would advise you to log into the Serverwide Bard Chat and let either Myself or Jerus know you are requesting access.

you can send either of us a tell:

;tell rathe.darrkin
;tell bertox.jerus

We will get you registered ASAP or at the very least let one of the channel occupants know you are looking for us for access to this Site, They will and are always willing to pass on that info to us and we will get you activated ASAP.




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